Singapore, Days 5 and 6

-still stuck with Nightwish

Day 5

Dad took us for a spin around Vivo City, which is right across the strait from Sentosa. I was finally able to get R.A. Salvatore’s Streams of Silver and The Halfling’s Gem, the remaining books in the Icewind Dale trilogy. Of course, this left me with $10 for the rest of my trip. Thankfully I don’t intend to buy anything else. (GMA, I still need to throttle you for not giving me that 10k cash gift when you promised.)

Day 6

After going to church, dad took us all to Central Mall by the riverside. We had lunch at [Pasta de Waraku], a fusion restaurant. They had Japanese-style Italian dishes, which were both an interesting and delicious concept.

Stuff we ordered:

eggplant and ziti au gratin
-My brother ordered spaghetti with salmon and spinach in wafu (Japanese style) sauce
I ordered fettuccine with mozarella and tomatoes in bonito sauce.
-Chicken Teriyaki pizza was by far the most interesting dish that we had. As you can see it has nori strips on top, and also has green onions. Totally delicious.

Pasta de Waraku also has an awesome view of the Singapore River and Clarke Quay. Here’s another pic of the view.

Afterward we had dessert at Azabu Sabo ice cream, which is right by the riverside. I didn’t want to try their more uh, interesting ice cream flavors (Sea salt and caramel was one intriguing flavor), so I went with tiramisu.

Dad wanted to bring us to the DHL Balloon for a ride, but unfortunately the balloon was grounded due to inclement weather. Tita Nikki informed me that this was apparently a common occurrence, especially since the weather was rather unpredictable this time of the year. Instead we ended up going to Bugis Junction again to look for some clothes for the kids. After a rather embarrassing time at Samuel & Kevin (their largest size-jacket wouldn’t fit me. I need to lose a LOT of weight when I get back, so I’m definitely not canceling that gym membership just yet), we went around a bit more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any jackets that fit me. X_x We headed home after that.

Interesting thing at the Bugis Junction: a shop full of those Japanese sticker booths. Cute <3.

Unfortunately, the rear fender of dad’s car snagged on a parking block and literally got ripped partly off. One of the rear parking sensors was taken out too. Argh.

Singapore’s traffic system still amazes me. They’re able to pack so much road into such a small country and yet not suffer from severe traffic often. (One could cross the city very quickly without too much trouble.) It’s easy to reach speeds of 80 kph on the expressways that cut across the island, while in Manila, even reaching 60 kph is a rarity. On the way home, we ran into a powerful rainstorm (which is probably the reason why the DHL balloon was grounded).
[Rainstorm 1]
[Rainstorm 2]

That’s it for today. Coming up soon: Our Malacca trip. Oh yeah. 30,000 hits! Thanks, readers. And lurkers. And spammers too, I guess.



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