Official 2008 Soundtrack

It’s time for the official 2008 soundtrack. Here’s the metal edition first, with only the metal on the playlist:

Opening Credits:

The Wanderer by Freedom Call

In moments of silence when you’re alone
You feel the desire is burning still strong
Open your heart and remember the day
When I sent you out on your way

I’m a wandering man, the heir of the crown
A lonely knight, I’m roaming around
I’ll never rest, I’ll never give in
Until my quest, has come to the end

It’s more of an ending song in my opinion, but it works fine, I guess.



Waking Up:

My Judgment Day by After Omega

Lord of shadows takes me to my
Dead end destiny
And as I travel to the lair
Of the dragon I will face
All these deeds, all this life
Through these eyes looking back
I can’t lie, I can’t deny
The things I’ve had, torn apart
If you hear me take my advice
Don’t be fool, don’t waste your life
You have a choice I no longer have
You have the chance to save your life

Now that’s a pretty rude awakening.


Falling In Love:

Trail of Broken Hearts by Dragonforce

Fly away down the lonely roads of yesterday
We close your eyes to see the light of brighter days
And all alone we’ll be where time can never heal
With the trail of broken hearts flying free



Fight Scene:

Black Fire by Dragonforce

Ride with the steel and the power of the sword!

Stand now, and fight, now and forevermore!

Rise through the night sky with daylight’s desire!

To be free, there must be


Nuff said.


Breaking Up: (oh, please, no more)

Hero by Machinae Supremacy

Sometimes you just need to
level everything with the ground to
make room for all the things
you wanted somehow
And I have known it all along
the day is coming
when you will reap your evil ways

(…that’s a pretty violent breakup there, and quite a vindictive repartee o_O;)


Make Up:

Graceland by Freedom Call

Touching ths sky tonight
Dreams have fallen, voices calling
And together we will spread our wings and fly
darkness falling, heroes calling
Forever for the love – forever for the flame inside
Hope has fallen, winds are calling

Okay, at first I didn’t think it worked, but reading the lyrics, I guess it does.



Secret Love:

Silent Dream by Rhapsody of Fire

Fly, fly high!

Enlighten my heart and my eyes!

Bring hope with your holy sunlight,

The angel’s fire

I’ll believe in what the wind brings to me

In pure love and great emotion

I will believe!

Works better than I thought it would.



Life’s OK:

Wings of Destiny by Rhapsody of Fire

Silent land erase my thoughts
I wanna lose myself in you, all in you
caress me and my soul
while I close my eyes

On wings of destiny
through virgin skies
to far horisons I will fly




Mental Breakdown:

Cry of the Brave by Dragonforce

Since the darkness took our minds
They burned our courage many died
Had to leave it all behind rebuild our lives
Passing memories remained
It made my soul a burning flame
Haunted dreams of my desire
Reveal my name





Driving Scene:

Condition Red by Iron Savior

We’re riding on our wings
to the sky
galactical war
just one heartbeat away
screaming out the battlecry

There is a force, a power within
within the immortal soul
bright as the sun
stronger than all
the power is in control
until the end we will defend
our brothers and their very land
moving straight ahead
Condition Red!

Okay, this is an awesome driving scene song. Car chase, maybe?


Hunting High and Low by Stratovarius
I feel the wind in my hair, and it’s whispering, telling me things,
of the storm that is gathering near full of power I’m spreading my wings
Now I’m leaving my worries behind Feel the freedom of body
and mind I have started my journey,
I’m drifting away with the wind I go I am Hunting High and Low
diving from the sky above looking for, more and more, once again
I’m Hunting High and Low Sometimes I may win sometimes I’ll lose
It’s just a game that I play

…does this refer to that blog entry?



Happy Dance:

Fury by Machinae Supremacy

Nocturnal light and thunder blasting from the sky.
The beast is hunting for a prey that can not die.
But this is how it’s always been since-since the dawn of time
And it will always be the dragon fury rhyme.
WHAT. o_o;



Flying High by Freedom Call

And they turn the key
to heaven
Open up the gates to life
Teach me right from wrong

Enlight me, take me,
where lifes last eternally
Far beyond the open sky

Uh, okay. Sort of works.


Long Night Alone:

Soldiers of the Wasteland by Dragonforce

Burning fires, burning lies on the long distant roads
Through the lost mountains endless so far away from home
Warrior soldiers forever we fought long ago
We’re all lost in the darkness so far away from home

Okay, I guess there’s a sense of loneliness in it despite it being about smiting the forces of darkness to hell.



Final Battle:

The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream by Rhapsody of Fire, featuring Christopher Lee

Angels are calling

From divine, lost crystal realms

Riding from heaven

On the magic of a wizard’s dream

Wow. Media Player just had to choose the slowest power ballad in my entire collection as the final battle theme. Not impressed.

Death Scene:

The Myth of the Holy Sword by Rhapsody of Fire

During the third one in Galfor’s old mines
Naimur was captured by Akron, “Hell’s Fury”

he got tortured by the darklord with the emerald stone
and his brother left alone with the bleeding soul

He took the stone
he forged a sword


…now this is an awesome death scene theme.




Final Ending:

Starfire by Dragonforce

And we’re standing one and all fighting till we fall
Hoping for a better day never giving in
Until we find the words till we find the words to say
Until we find the words to say

Burning starfire shine in the sky
For the lives of great men who stand by your side
When the night fall on we will ride
For no lost souls will live on forever

For lost souls will live on forever…

…okay, this is a sweet ending song. This is my favorite ballad by Dragonforce.



End Credits:

Dawn over a New World by Dragonforce

Across the highest mountains and through the endless seas
Our journey ever onwards fight until we all be free
Through the darkness shining the never ending light
On through the days of glory rise towards the fight

And one day we will find a way toward this distant golden age
The cries of war will sound the day
We stand before the dawn of a new world

….this is an EXCELLENT end credits song.


Now for the “all songs that will possibly work with this quiz” category. This time if the song doesn’t fit, I’ll press “Next Track” until I find a song that works. I’ll post all “fail” and “pass” songs here.



Opening Credits:

Dawn of Victory by Rhapsody of Fire (ROCK)

For Ancelot!

The ancient cross of war

For the holy town of God!

Gloria, gloria perpetua

In this dawn of victory!

Now that is an opening to die for. Kind of fits my feelings for this year. As lousy as many things are around us, I think this will be a great year.


Waking Up:

Hallelujah by Krystal Meyers

Heaven has the pleasure of having You here

Nothing can measure the love that You share

Angels sing welcome home

Welcome home

And this is what I’ll sing for You

This is one of my favorite Krystal Meyers songs. It’s slow and short.


Falling In Love:

To Be Free by Stella Furst (Sol Bianca OVA OP)

Gotta find the way
Just to make my day
Gonna be a bird
That’ll fly away
Not a soul in the world that could stop
Not a chance in the world
that’ll take my place
Gotta find my way out of here
Gotta find my way to the freedom zone
Not a soul in the world that can stop
Gotta find my way to the freedom zone

This is about the ONLY song in my entire collection that has RAP. It strangely fits.


Fight Scene:

Danzai no Hana ~ Guilty Sky ~ by Riyu Kosaka (CLAYMORE op)

My heart… is still locked in your memories.
My body… I search for one for I have none.
Today I will once again see someone somewhere shed tears,
And again it’s my destiny to return nothing but a cold smile.

Awesome melody, great for a fight scene, but the lyrics are for a break-up D: Or maybe the words leading up to a break-up.


Breaking Up:

The Dark Tower of the Abyss by Rhapsody of Fire

(recited)”…And suddenly the the unreal silence is broken by a lament…

A lament coming up from the deepest, darkest abyss…

And from the seven gates of the dark fortress

the dead come back to life to face him… this is hell!”


Immortal fire, now light my heart! Light my way!

Face the old legend the guardian of space and time!

…oookay. That is an EPIC breakup song. Maybe breaking up is like storming a fortress of undead?


Make Up:

White Reflection by TWO-MIX. (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OP)

I feel your love (reflection)
The truth that we share
As long as we exchange kisses,
we don’t need anything else anymore!

I feel your love (reflection)
We’ll stand firm and fight,
believing in the passion we’ll never give up. It’s our neverending story

I feel your love (reflection)
passionately uniting our dreams into one,
in our youth, we seek each other out,
without being afraid of our own faults!!

I feel your love (reflection)
In your eyes as they gaze back into mine
Writing a distant, neverending story


…AWESOME. Now that is a GREAT make-up song.


Secret Love:

Pessimistic Time by Koutarou Nakagawa (Code Geass BGM)

…LOL. It just had to be the emo song.


Life’s OK:

Blue Water Blue Sky by Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear XX #Reload, May’s Theme)

The dry wind–I’ve sworn to convey this vow to his smile

The shining star–the power of love dwells in my hand, and I’m not about to lose!

If my overflowing dream opens the map, I’m not afraid anymore

Bon voyage around the world
Packing in every feeling
Bon voyage across the world
The unstoppable girl is a Lady, Jolly Roger

…this is definitely a “Life’s Okay” song. For a girl. With a crush on an older guy. Upbeat and jolly, though.


Mental Breakdown:

Noblesse Oblige by Koutarou Nakagawa (Code Geass BGM)

…wow, that’s quite a baroque and refined mental breakdown. (It could really work for a mental breakdown if you heard it in say…a Tim Burton movie.)


Driving Scene:

Hitomi no Tsubasa by Access (Code Geass OP 3)

No one is willingto say what hurts them.

They tend to hide their anxious feelings within their hidden dreams.

Stare at them with your unsteady eyes.

With just endlessly growing power

Leap off and don’t let go

A chanced encounter is being set in motion.

Fate is being hastened.

At the very least you will surpass me.

Please teach me at that moment.

Okay, this is an awesome Jtechno song to drive to. I visualize a high-tech car chase through Akihabara.



The Gate of the Hell by JAM Project (Mazinkaiser vs. Ankoku Daishogun OP)

Can it be heard? The cry of Hell that freezes the blood with fear

Realizing throughout the body, you will remember my name

Judgment has been passed

The Final Countdown That’s your answer

If there is deception, Hell’s Drive!

The Final Countdown I am Kaizer

God or demon, dead or alive?

…Creepy. o_o; Apparently I will have a flashback that involves a giant robot from HELL. Gotta love the creepy harpsichord intro, though. That DOES sound like a flashback song.


Happy Dance:

Beyond the Gates of Infinity by Rhapsody of Fire

Fire of wisdom, light the sky!

Let me go no through this dark evil ground!

A veil of fog now covers all

Something is happening, my heart must be strong

Keep away monsters of hell!

No, I won’t give you my inviting flesh!


(tries again)


In My Dream by Eri Shingyouji (Brain Powerd OP)

Unfortunately there are no solid English translations of this song. But according to someone I chat with on IRC, it’s about a one-night stand.

…which is not a happy thing for me.

*3rd try*


Maboroshi by Can-Goo (Sister Princess RePure OP)

I don’t have English translations for this song, sadly. I hear it’s depressing, though, despite its punchy melody.


*one last try*

INFORMATION HIGH by Gabriela Robin, who is most likely Yoko Kanno.

You know how to get eternal life
in the center of the lightning-speed waltz.
Feel your soul cut by a rusty knife
as you head for the self-destructive edge.

Our satori are just floating in the core,
where we can spiritually go through the door.
We’ll know how to get eternal life
while we catch the pulse from unknown satellites

If we get the transient facts,
then we feel the info high.
If we get the transient facts,
then we are really free
to fly high
in space.

I have no idea what this song’s supposed to mean. It seems to me like jacking yourself into a computer and getting high from the data or something. I guess that’s sort of a happy dance. The song’s pretty solid techno in any case. So yeah, dancing music.



STORM by JAM Project (Shin vs. Neo Getter Robo OP)

…?!?! This song’s about smiting evil, not angsting.


Long Night Alone:

Departure by JAM Project.

Okay, that’s a great song. No lyrics, but it has that slow, classic rock sound.


Final Battle:

Devil Created by Koutarou Nakagawa (Code Geass BGM)

Okay, that is an interesting creepy song, but it’s not martial enough.

*tries again*

Lost Adolesence by Koutarou Nakagawa (Code Geass BGM)

…it’s not even tense or exciting! It’s emo-ish! Will my last battle be with emoism?


*tries again*

Triumph or Agony by Rhapsody of Fire

Broken emotions wet from the shy rain

lords of the lost time dream of great revenge

no chance for mind’s rest, fear in the dawn’s breath

what they will soon find can be just their death

200 nor of unholy stone

speak through the tears of desperate souls

legend and myth will never reveal

the infinite pain behind Nekron’s will

AWESOME! THIS is a final battle theme.


Death Scene:


Kiss & Cry by Hikaru Utada

….?!?! This sounds more like an ending credits song.

*tries again*


Hime Murasaki by Nana Mizuki (from Basilisk)

Okay, this works. It’s sad, and I think the anime is sort of like Romeo & Juliet about ninjas.



Final Ending:

Unholy Warcry by Rhapsody of Fire.

D: Okay, but it’s too exciting. Not enough closure.


*2nd try*

Ira Tenax by Rhapsody of Fire.

This is an intro or flashback song about an unfathomable evil, not an ending song.


*3rd try*

Stand and Scream by Krystal Meyers

Cuz I breathe

Just to shout out

And I live

Just to scream loud

And Your love

It’s here now

And I’m not running cuz it’s pushed me to the edge

I’m not gonna break

There’s no mistake

I’ve got to

Stand and scream

Let my voice be heard

When push comes to shove

I’m rising above

I’ve got to stand and scream

Let my voice be heard

Awesome. This works well.


End Credits:

Everlasting (Instrumental) by JAM Project.

This works well, though the version with lyrics is more suited to an ending theme.



The metal one works more, actually. It’s more in tune with my vibes. Anyway, that’s it. We’re going back to work tomorrow, and I now have a glimmer of optimism. I think things will turn out well this year, God willing.


Back to Work,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on January 2, 2008.

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  1. ahumahum. *points at secret love* lolsXD

  2. Which one? D: Both of them are pretty funny anyway XD

  3. that was amusing :))
    go undead fortresses 8D *waves flags* XD

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