Metal Phantom

I was browsing for Nightwish music yesterday and came across their version of The Phantom of the Opera. Good stuff.

I also took the liberty of making a more apt 2008 Soundtrack. Consider this the real official one.

The Ideal


Opening Credits:

Dawn of Victory by Rhapsody of Fire

For Ancelot!

The ancient cross of war

For the holy town of God!

Gloria, gloria perpetua

In this dawn of victory!


Waking Up:

Take Me In by Kutless

Take me into the holy of holies

Take me in by the blood of the lamb

Take me into the holy of holies

Take the coal, touch my lips, here I am


Falling In Love:

Together by Krystal Meyers

We all long to belong

We all need to be needed

Loneliness is our disease

Still we bite the hand that feeds

Where did we go wrong

Insecure and self-sufficient

Building up walls instead of bridges


Let our lonely hearts collide

We’re made to live this life



Reach across this great divide

Cuz standing side by side is better



Fight Scene:

If There Were Any Other Way by Junichi Nakatsuru

Instrumental (Soul Calibur III BGM)


Breaking Up:

Bye Bye Beautiful by Nightwish

Did you ever hear what I told you?

Did you ever read what I wrote you?

Did you ever listen to what we played?

Did you ever let in what the world said?

Did we get this far just to feel your hate?

Did we play to become only pawns in the game?

How blind can you be, don’t you see?

You chose the long road, but we’ll be waiting


Bye bye, beautiful


Make Up:

Last Impression by TWO-MIX (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz ED)

I believe your love
As we trembled,
we repeated our wish in a kiss.
(You are here… and so am I…)
Please don’t ever forget…

I believe your dream.
Feelings that intensify…
Turning affection into a prayer
I want to show you my heart’s pounding
So hot, so fierce…
So far away


Secret Love:

Ever Dream by Nightwish

Ever felt away with me

Just once that all I need

Entwined in finding you one day


Ever felt away without me

My love, it lies so deep

Ever dream of me


Life’s OK:

Olympia by JAM Project

未だ見ぬ明日 夢のOlympia

Mada minu ashita, yume no Olympia

(A future we haven’t seen yet, the dream of Olympia)

僕達と行こう 愛のOlympia

Bokutachi to yukou, ai no Olympia

(We’re going together, love of Olympia)

辿り着けるさ You may know Olympia

Tadoritsukeru sa, You may know Olympia

(Struggling on to arrive, that we may know Olympia)

一緒に行こう I know Olympia

Isshou ni yukou, I know Olympia

(Let’s go together! I know Olympia!)

More of JAM Project’s campy goodness.


Mental Breakdown:

虚無の中で遊戯 (Kyoumu no Naka de Yuugi/The Game in the Void) by Malice Mizer

Seems to have lyrics, but I can’t find any. Really creepy, though.


Driving Scene:

Hitomi no Tsubasa by Access (Code Geass OP 3)

No one is willing to say what hurts them.

They tend to hide their anxious feelings within their hidden dreams.

Stare at them with your unsteady eyes.

With just endlessly growing power

Leap off and don’t let go

A chanced encounter is being set in motion.

Fate is being hastened.

At the very least you will surpass me.

Please teach me at that moment.



Salva Nos by Yuki Kajiura

Dominus Deus
exaudi nos et misrere
exaudi, Dominus

(Lord God
Hear us, the wretched
Hear us, Lord)

Dona nobis pacem
et salva nos a hostibus
Salva nos, Deus

(Grant us peace
And save us from the enemy
Save us, God)

Dominus exaudi nos
Dominus misrere
Dona nobis pacem
Sanctus, Gloria

(Lord hear us
Lord have mercy
Grant us peace
Holy, Glory)

dona nobis pacem
e dona eis requiem
inter ovas locum
voca me cum benedictis
pie jesu domine, dona eis requiem
dominus deus, Sanctus, Gloria

(Grant us peace
And give them rest
Amongst this rejoiced place
Call me with the blessed
Merciful Jesus, give them rest
Lord God, Holy, Glory)


Happy Dance:

JAM ga Motetta Sailor Fuku by JAM Project.

Instead of lyrics, just listen to how totally TRIPPY it is.


Sands of Time by After Omega

Drowned in my sea of pity and tears

Haunted by  broken dreams

Crying my life in misery

Holding on to  memories

Can’t change the past, life passed me by

But I will survive

I know I can’t control the sands of time


Long Night Alone:

Starfire by Dragonforce

Dark night with a glimmering light in the distance up ahead

In the forest they dwell with a misty spell no one heard what once was said

And the eagle fly through the clouds while earth bleeds dark and cold

When the voices of men will ring out again all creation shall unfold


When the colour of night will fade to light and the weakest hearts go cold

And the warrior stands on top of the hill in the snow


And we’re standing one and all fighting till we fall

Hoping for a better day

Never giving in until we find the words, till we find the words to say

Until we find the words to say…


Burning starfire, shine in the sky

For the lives of great men, who stand by your side

When the night falls, on we will ride

For no lost souls will live on forever


Final Battle:

Where Dragons Rule by Dragonforce

No mercy we will show to them

The white flag shall be raised

We’ll fight for our freedom

Ride towards this evil place


We all stand until the end allegiance to this game


In this land we’ve defended from all things dark and cruel

Now we’re defenseless in a land where dragons rule


In this land we’ve defended from all things dark and cruel

Now we’re defenseless in a land where dragons rule


Sun set in the western sky

The battle’s almost done

The victory will be glorious

Our enemies are gone


We all stand until the end allegiance to this game


In this land we’ve defended from all things dark and cruel

Now we’re defenseless in a land where dragons rule


In this land we’ve defended from all things dark and cruel

Now we’re defenseless in a land where dragons rule


Death Scene:

The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream (German version) by Rhapsody of Fire, featuring Christopher Lee

Magische welten

Und verlorene ewigkeit

Dringen dursch traume

Eines magiers aus der alten zeit

(Magical worlds

And lost eternity

Piercing through the dreams

Of a wizard from ancient times)




As We Sail to Heaven’s Shore by Steve Green

Straighten our course with every prayer

Let heaven’s breezes speed us there

And grant us mercy evermore

As we sail to heaven’s shore

Draw us near O finest Friend

From dawn’s light to evening’s end

Each passing day we love You more

As we sail to heaven’s shore

As we sail to heaven’s shore


Final Ending:

Shine On by Freedom Call

 Shine on, starlight

Saviour comes from somewhere


Ride on, guardian

Take us back where eagles dare

Shine on, starlight

Saviour comes from everywhere

Ride on, guardian

Take us back where eagles dare, tonight


A child was born forever young – fly

Bring us back the wayward son – cry

Freedom for us all


Shine on, starlight

savior comes from somewhere

ride on, guardians

take us back where eagles dare



End Credits:

Legendary Tales by Rhapsody of Fire

And darkness covers all the land

the silent river flows

the jesters dance around the flame

playing an ancient song


A song of mighty warriors

of epic bloody fights

while moonlight meets the manor’s walls

and I must close my eyes


Another tale of infinite wars

for the defenders of holy light

the fire enters my mind

the blood of the innocent before my eyes

spreading the wings of the dream

I want to win between fire and steel

for them all





~ by J. R. R. Flores on January 4, 2008.

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