A Wedding and a Discovery


Amaranth by Nightwish


So a lot has happened in the past week. I’m just glad that all things have been falling into place by the grace of God.

A Wedding

No, it’s not my wedding, obviously. My cousin got married last Wednesday.

Honestly I was less than enthusiastic about going at first. See, my cousin and her husband have been a couple since they were in their third year of high school. I really had an overwhelming feeling of jealousy, but I went anyway.

While I was waiting for the ceremony to begin, I went about my emo ways and began to wallow in self-pity. Then I looked around me and saw the beautiful venue, the sun flashing off the sea like silver, and the perfect blue sky. The sunshine was golden and the breeze was cool, and it seemed like I was the only person who was feeling depressed about the whole affair.

Then I realized something: Why was I so worried about myself when the occasion wasn’t about me, but about them?

A little later, my Tito Michael let me carry his Canon DSLR for him and told me to take pictures. I did my best to come up with the best shots, and I have to say I’m pretty happy about them. My melancholic mood lifted, and I began to enjoy the ceremony.

Eventually, Pastor Joey told us the Genesis story about the creation of man and woman, which I’d heard for the umpteenth time—except that the key verse in it struck home harder than ever.


It is not good for man to be alone. — Genesis 2:18


I took this to be the Lord’s personal reminder that I need not angst endlessly about this whole matter. He knows how I feel and is taking care of it. Nothing to worry about.

I enjoyed the rest of the wedding and the reception. I have to say it’s the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. (Pics are on my Multiply account, although the album is restricted to contacts only.)



A Discovery

I’m sure many people are familiar with the poem entitled “Reverse Creation.” Many of us may have taken up this poem in school, or at least had it for a choral recitation piece. However, very few people, if any, know who the actual author is.

I had the fortune of actually having the [author contact me]. The poem was apparently spoken as part of a song written by Bernard Backman, a Christian singer/songwriter, of the same title. The song was part of Mr. Backman’s first album, A Portrait of a Man, which was released waaaaay back in 1969. Mr. Backman and his sister posted on my old blog, notifying me of his authorship and requesting me to credit the poem to him. (Of course, I agreed.)


What can I say? This week’s been quite interesting, and the plays of my two first year classes are progressing decently so far. I’d still like to see them step it up, given that they’re running out of time.


A Novel

My reading has thankfully picked up its pace over the past few weeks. In addition to finishing R.A. Salvatore’s Icewind Dale Trilogy, I’ve recently finished Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. It’s a very good book about sin and redemption. Like its region of origin, it’s full of culture, flavor, and tragedy. I highly recommend it.




What Have You Discovered Today?

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on February 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Wedding and a Discovery”

  1. I have discovered that the Night Watch series is not a trilogy, but rather a tetralogy/quadrilogy/whatever else it’s called. XD Wikiknowledge once again. XD

    Hi sir XD

  2. >_< I haven’t even finish the first one! Argh.

  3. hmmmm thank you mr. backman,,,,,im proud of you,,,and i love you 4 doing dis poem for us student espicially to the ANTHONIANS——–Im a FULL BLOODED JOHNIANS

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