Can I Have a Napkin Please?

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So the school year has come to its end once more. Grades are due on Monday, and I hope to finish everything by tomorrow.

I have to say that this year wasn’t easy, and that I’m glad this wasn’t my first year of teaching. If it was, I wouldn’t have known what to do.

I’ve had double preparation before, but that was a regular class and an elective. Now I had two regular classes, and on top of that I was the moderator of the Creative Writing club, Inkwell. My new load, English 3 (Asian literature) was far more challenging than the first year load, and it intimidated me at first.  “So I have to read MORE?” was my protest.

Regardless, it was a very good experience for me, and although not all of it was particularly fun, I did learn a lot. My favorite reading was definitely The Kite Runner, while Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s In A Grove was enjoyed not only by myself, but the students as well.  I’m excited to take these things up again next year, and I sure want to know who’ll end up in my classes.

The Creative Writing elective (CreW) is going back into my hands. Arghs handled it a lot better this year than I did, so I got to hand it to him. He really made the kids work. I just hope that I’ll be doing better with it this time. The good thing is that I have a fair chance of more or less uniting CreW with Inkwell so that they can both work with the Dalumat. It was really difficult for us to work things out things last year and this year due to the editorial staff of Dalumat being different from the leadership of Inkwell. Hopefully I can get a more unified effort this year.

Inkwell itself suffered from its leadership going exeunt, and this left me with a disorganized mess of people who, while talented in writing, didn’t really take any initiative to revive the remnants. As such, Inkwell was dead for most of the year, and  we were unable to accomplish our goals of having ourselves approved as an official organization. Most of our projects imploded, with the only one surviving being our D&D campaign, The Black and the Purple, which moved at a much slower pace than we had hoped. (And involved at most 6 people.)

We hope to change this next year, so if any of you incoming juniors and seniors are up to the challenge, then please, let me know. Let’s make this work.


The Black and the Purple itself is facing a massive challenge as well. The party has just encountered a deadly combination of enemies: Eirklaon Mal’Meret, a tiefling swordsage, and her partner Chandrakali, a Naztharune rakshasa.

The party’s main tank, the paladin Alioth, took massive sneak attack damage from Chandrakali before his turn even began. Of the party’s two strikers, Kieran and Lesa, only Lesa is at decent HP. Kieran herself took massive damage from Chandrakali’s sneaks.  The wizard Azareth was attacked by Eirklaon before his turn as well (it didn’t help that Eirklaon and Chandrakali both had Initiative modifiers of +9), and was almost killed by an attack of opportunity from the swordsage as he took to the air.

Suffering the most is the cleric, Acantha. Eirklaon savagely attacked her once Azareth got out of the way: she struck her with Tyrant’s Great Crusher (Elder Mountain Hammer) and Banishing Throw (Soaring Throw) consecutively, halving her HP then sending her flying across the room. Acantha crashed into a wall and dropped to the ground, hemorrhaging badly.

Things look bad. Very bad.

Can I Have a Napkin Please? 

Kate introduced me to a couple of video clips by Improv Everywhere, a group that, to use their own description of themselves, “makes scenes” using undercover agents.

Their latest mission involved [spontaneously starting a musical in the middle of a busy food court], which was pretty awesome. That only involved 16 people.

The one I enjoyed the most, however, involved [207 people freezing up New York City’s Grand Central Station]. This one is definitely worth the watch.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on March 14, 2008.

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  1. thats for sure, guy

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