Code Geass R2 Gets Messed Up

Okay, my regular readers who care about my anime interests would know that I really like Code Geass. Today I learned of a rather annoying setback regarding the series: parts of episode three were leaked onto Youtube. Not just a trailer, mind you: it was the last six minutes of the episode, which of course includes the climax and spoilers regarding Rollo’s abilities.

Now of course you might be thinking, big deal. What’s a little spoiler?

Tell that to Sunrise. They’re up in arms about it, and had apart from taking down the clip, had the guy who leaked it arrested and fired. Talk about burn.

Anyway, the fallout is that the episode might be delayed so that Sunrise can have that part rewritten. Another possibility is that the episode might be skipped altogether. Either way, it sucks. The ending of the episode might be delayed once more.

Oh, and this news is true. I’ve seen the spoiler vid myself (but I sure as Heaven am not posting that here.) As much as I’d like to show screencaps, that’s just as bad.

Just a minor rant.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on April 16, 2008.

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