Point Fire

So I just got back from Punta Fuego with my dgroup. We stayed at Mikki’s place, and I discovered a couple of things.

1. Mikki’s house in Fuego is awesome. (Pardon the sideways picture)

2. I fail at making pancakes. The pancakes are created were cosmic horrors with non-Euclidean geometry. H.P. Lovecraft would’ve been proud of them. Since staring at non-Euclidean geometry is said to induce insanity, I did not take any pictures of them.

They tasted good, though, aesthetics aside.

3. The weather in Batangas at this time of the year ranges from scorching heat to raging thunderstorm.

4. Octopi can change color rapidly. We were swimming among corals yesterday morning and I found a little octopus, only about the size of a golf ball, hiding in a hole in a rock. It kept peeking out, but I guess the prospect of four men thrashing in the water around it was a little traumatic and kept it inside. Eventually the little fellow decided it was time to come out, so the mollusk crawled out, and changed color from speckled gray to seaweed green to white-spotted black in less than five seconds as it oozed across the seabed. Really cute and awesome at the same time. No underwater camera, though, so no pictures.

5. Love lives of dgroup members are rather colorful. I can’t say much more, since they might burn me at the stake for telling you.

6. Time spent with good friends flies really fast.

[Multiply pics here, contacts only.]


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Point Fire”

  1. punta fuego? awesome. haha. i’ll be going there sometime this month, so, yeah… XD

    take care, sir ^_^

  2. Hereby renames Joey’s pancakes Cosmic Crepe Crusher and uses them on Azathoth to assist Daijuuji.

  3. Ey Joey, have you ever tasted octopi?

  4. Ey Joey, have you by any chance tasted octopi?

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