While It’s Still Summer

To be honest, I really don’t know what to write about right now. It’s one of those nights that I just have to write for the sake of writing something. I’ll let my brain wander and take the reigns of my hands.

School, as everyone knows, is coming up real fast. Classes begin on Monday, and I just received my section assignments yesterday:

-Creative Writing

It’s my heftiest load yet due to our lack of an eighth teacher. Everyone in the unit is overloaded, and that’s not a good thing. We reeeeeeally need another teacher.

In any case, things to look forward to this year:
-The resurrection of Inkwell (hopefully the last it will need in my care)
-Nihongo lessons! (Thanks to the Soc Sci unit; I’m actually just supervising as a teacher.)
-The continuation of The Black and the Purple. I really want to at least finish Act III here. (Though that means we will no longer get all the way up to the epic finale I had planned.) 😦

I’m really excited. I really like handling Batch 2010, and I hope that this will be a very fruitful and enjoyable year for all of us.

Macross Frontier
I’ve been watching Macross Frontier alongside Code Geass R2, and I’ve found that it’s definitely one of the good series that have come out this summer. The CG and art are top-notch; I tend to prefer this style of anime to the “BESM”—Big Eyes Small Mouth—stereotype that was popular in the mid 90s. The music is also top-notch, with the OP, Triangular sung by Maaya Sakamoto.

The ED and the first insert song, Diamond Crevasse and Sagittarius @ 9 pm, Don’t be Late (射手座*午後九時 ~Don’t be Late/Iteza Gogo Kuuji ~Don’t be Late), are sung by May’N. They’re both lovely songs.

Diamond Crevasse

Sagittarius @ 9 pm, Don’t be late

Macross Frontier continues the premise of the original series: due to an alien invasion of Earth by a warlike race of giants (Zentraedi), Earth has begun looking for other planets to live on. Although the Earth-Zentraedi war concluded peacefully thanks to the magic of music (which the cultureless Zentraedi call part of the Protoculture; the race that engineered them), mankind continues to meet vicious threats in its journey through the stars.

Macross F tells the story of one such wandering colony, Frontier. The protagonist, Alto Saotome, is a bishounen (so much so that he’s called “Princess” due to his feminine appearance) student who is another instance of the “Accidental Pilot” trope that so often appears in Real Robot anime. The two main love interests are Ranka Lee, a 1/4 Zentraedi schoolgirl who wants to become a singer, and Sheryl Nome, a pop star known as the “Galactic Nymph,” whom Ranka idolizes. Sheryl is a typical tsundere, giving most of the people she meets a diva attitude (though she does seem to have soft spots that both Alto and Ranka reach.)

The series is up to its 9th episode, and so far I haven’t had any disappointments. Here’s a screencap from the latest ep, featuring the Zentraedi pilot Klan Klien (as a child), holding her friend Michel Blanc.

Insanely cute, isn’t it?

Mangaholix 2008
It was worth the trip to MoA. I was able to claim my lovely print of Alodia. I was able to take a picture of her sister Ash, but alas, I failed to take a picture of Alodia herself (she was in a Lili costume <3) It’s just too bad technology failed me and all my cosplay photos became Koko Crunch while I was transferring them to my HD. Oh well. ~_~

There was a disturbing amount of crossplay, though. *shudder*

I met up with Ace, my college classmate (and author of Red Boots, to my students), as well as Ryan. Both of them are working on a self-produced manga entitled Love is in the Bag. (with the loony premise of having a girl who, when excited, turns into luggage. I’m not kidding. It’s available at National and Powerbooks.) He revealed to me that he turned me into a character!

…who gets killed in the background every so often. What a way to show appreciation.

In any case, that’s about it for this entry. I do hope that I’ll continue to update even with the beginning of the new academic year. Godspeed to all my students and co-teachers.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on June 1, 2008.

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