Gurren-Lagann ver. D&D?!?

Earworm: The Gate of Magus ver. AQUASTYLE by AQUASTYLE.

SERIOUSLY? Galaxy-shattering mecha in high fantasy?

Well, this isn’t your Escaflowne or Rayearth. See this video.

This is from Gurren-Lagann parallel works, and seems to be one of a series of “what-ifs” with the characters outside of the original Gurren-Lagann universe. This seems to be a spin-off of what goes on in episode 26, where the characters are trapped in alternate realities.

Anyway, in this video, Viral seems to be a knight of some sort, and his wife (the imaginary wife he has in ep 26) is present. Simon and Kamina are warriors (what else?), and Yoko has levels in Monk and Swordsage. (She can flurry with a quarterstaff.) What appears to be Lord Genome is a huge brute of a Blackguard with really creepy armor. Nia is a princess in the castle.

I don’t really have any details beyond this, but it sure looks interesting.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “Gurren-Lagann ver. D&D?!?”

  1. I almost expected the guys to do a Three Musketeers on the freaky Anti-spiral/Genome in the last fight.

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