Celebrity Lookalikes

Since I was so enraged after reading the essays of my students, I decided to look for something to do that will help me cool down.

I got this from Ada.

MyHeritage has facial recognition software that compares an uploaded picture to a database of celebrity pictures. Ada herself found that she lookedlike Ayumi Hamasaki.

My results, however, were rather disturbing.

First: An old college pic from when I had long hair and weighed 20 lbs more.

Okay. Same jaw structure, similar wave in the hair. But seriously, Yao Ming? MATSUJUN? SANDRA BULLOCK?! ZIDANE? (Zidane looks like someone I know from church.)

Next: My college graduation creative shot:

What. I fail to see how I can look like both Kristanna Loken and ELTON JOHN in the same picture. I think I look most like Dave Navarro in this pic. (Eyebrows were likely what matched it.)

More recent pics:

Did you notice that it matches my face to a disturbingly high number of beautiful women? Also, I fail to see how I can look like both CHRIS FARLEY and Vivain Lai in the same shot.Thankfully, better lighting gives better results.

STEPHEN CHOW, man. Now this is awesome. (IMO this is the best match, even if I only got a 61%.)

However, note once more that five of the results are female. (Gackt is a guy, in case you didn’t know.)

For lulz, I tried an evilface pic.

…..aaaand I think I broke it. My most sinister, Chaotic Evil expression registers as ALL beautiful women. If that’s not disturbing enough, the match percentages are incredibly high. So apparently, when I’m evilsmiling, I look like a few Japanese and Korean singers, as well as a porn star (Bunko Kanazawa), Claire Danes, and Aishwariya Rai. MIND=BLOWN.

Finally, we go back to bad lighting.

Vivain Lai has now shown up THREE TIMES. I hope you’re freaked out, because I sure am. And Agam Rudberg? (I know someone who looks like Agam Rudberg. Also from church.) Way back there, I look like Katie Leung too.

I think the Stephen Chow one is still the most accurate. Nevertheless, I had no idea my facial structure was so androgynous. I’m scared.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Celebrity Lookalikes”

  1. LULZ~! XD

  2. lolwhutX

  3. epic lulz~

  4. Stephen Chow … ?

    *imagimes a Joey performing a descending Buddhist Palm attack*

    Does not compute!

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