Broken Brains

Since the fire, things haven’t been going really well. I realized that I left more important documents than I’d thought in my cubicle (they’re unharmed), and the city authorities don’t seem to want  to let us enter the building within the next 500 years.  Deadlines are coming up but my brain has reached its saturation point.

I simply find it nigh-impossible to work. I really need a break. I need to relax, stretch my mind muscles and get back in condition.

I just needed to get that out here. There are a lot of things that depress and infuriate me right now, including the global economy and the greed that caused its death spiral. There are even more, but I’d rather not mention them here.

I’m disillusioned, frustrated, and stressed out. God help me.

Btw: GO OBAMA! If I were American, I’d definitely vote for him.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 9, 2008.

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