Through the Fire and Flames

So it’s been quite a while since my last meaningful update. Things have been exploding all over in my life and a lot of the past month has been spent in damage control mode. The PSHS fire, while sparing my worldly possessions, has taken its toll on my sanity and temper.

It’s been very difficult to finish my grades early due to the inability to retrieve my files from my cubicle. While we were finally allowed to do so this week, it was a little too late for me. My grades will have to be submitted at the last minute again this quarter. This is of course more than a little frustrating. I’d rather have it off my back early like I always do, but oh well.

US 2008 Election

Since I’ve had access to CNN every morning now, I’ve been closely following the US campaigns quite closely. I’ve already mentioned before that I support Barack Obama even if I  can’t vote for him. While I don’t think McCain is a villain I feel that he’s not shown a consistent image throughout his campaign. There’s also the very bitter pill that one has to swallow when it comes to voting for McCain: Sarah Palin.

She’s attractive, charismatic, and definitely has an effect on people. The problem is, she has shown so far that she just doesn’t have the know-how to deal with the massive issues that surround the US right now. Given McCain’s age, in the unfortunate even that something would happen to him if he’s in office, President Palin is a very scary thought.

Thankfully, some people try to get something humorous out of the situation.

There’s also the incredibly amusing Pokelection gif:

Anyway, I really wish to see change in the US. It’s increasingly become a mass of global problems in my view, and while I don’t dislike Americans, I have experienced racial stereotyping from them myself (even if it was misinformed and mistaken. I’m still trying to figure out how I was mistaken for a Mexican.). I’d like to see that gone.

New Anime, but not really

Since Code Geass has ended, I’ve been looking for new anime. Thanks to Kelsy, I discovered Pumpkin Scissors.

It’s about a squad of soldiers in a setting similar to interwar Germany (post WWI, pre WWII). The squad is actually assigned to contribute to war relief efforts, but due to the large amount of disillusioned and war-crazy people left by the recently concluded conflict, the Pumpkin Scissors end up having to fight a lot.

The anime isn’t actually that new; Kelsy said she watched it last year. In any case, I don’t think it’s too late to pick up on something good, and Pumpkin Scissors has shown itself to be quite entertaining just two episodes in.

Although most of the members of the platoon are merely armed secretaries and messengers unfit for actual combat, this guy means business:

Randel Oland, although oafish and soft-spoken outside of combat, lapses into a kind of trance whenever he’s in  a combat situation. He always turns on the lantern that hangs from his belt, and it emits an eerie, will-o’-the-wisp like glow as he stalks toward his opponents with seemingly no regard for his own safety. He uses his BFG not to blow up tanks from a distance—he goes UP to the tank, and aims through the windows at the crew. You do NOT want to mess with Randel.

Anyway, I’m glad to finally get something back up here. It’s probably my way of coping with all the emotional and bureaucratic discomfort that the fire has caused.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 17, 2008.

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