PSHS Fair 2008

Grats, batch 2009, it was fun.  I was personally glad to actually have a cosplay again this year, and people actually prepared for it. (Rae’s and Yana’s were awesome. See Multiply.)

As for my own cosplay, I have to say it was a mixed success. “AWESOME” and “Who’re you supposed to be” are kind of odd coming together, but that’s what I get for cosplaying someone from an obscure (All mecha anime that aren’t Gundam are obscure to the general populace) anime.

The Ryoma Nagare (Shin Getter Armageddon version) costume cost a total of Php 1484.00 to put together.


-Trench coat: Php 500
-faded jeans: Php 400
-chains: Php 200
-gauze bandages: Php 22
-hair: growing it out. (+ P 150, since that’s the cost of a haircut)
-eyebrows: natural. Php 0.00
-Maniacal grin: working on it. Natural. Php 0.00
-Zinc-alloy airsoft pistol: Php 312.00
-Scarf (1 yard of liner fabric): Php 50.00

Unfortunately my hair was way too long for even the strongest hair gel to hold up, so oh well. We all had fun anyway. Also, this the  first costume that I assembled from scratch without having anybody put together the main part for me. (the scarf was the only one I had someone else sew together so that it would be longer)

I’ve mostly given up on trying to cosplay bishounen characters, because really, I have thick eyebrows and flaring sideburns. I’m swarthy and have rugged features. Every other male anime character could be taken for a girl nowadays.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on November 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “PSHS Fair 2008”

  1. Dude, your costume looks awesome! Ryoma Nagare FTW!


  2. The image of Ryoma sprang up before I completely read the passage … Guess the guy just makes the trench coat & scarf look that memorable.

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