1 of 3: One Good Reason to Go to Baguio

This is an old post that dates back to May 27th, so the time references are a bit off. Not bothering to rewrite this as I’m going to be spamming entries tonight.


Being required to go on seminars is generally a good thing. Of course it largely depends on the program. Some provide ample time for r&r. Others don’t.

This one in particular was of the latter kind, so after a largely difficult and frustratingly boring day of talks and seminars, I got the bright idea of skipping the hotel dinner and walking to Baguio’s 50s Diner with my co-teachers Arghs and Martin.

Martin had introduced us to the place in passing on our first day. He said it was one of the Summer Capital’s great old landmarks, and that visiting it was always a must when in Baguio. At first we didn’t think we would have a chance to go there, but yesterday was such a wallbanger that I felt some exercise (any walking in Baguio is) and comfort food was in order.

The place didn’t look like it aged well, so I have to voice my initial apprehension. I ordered the generic, trusted and true cheeseburger. And I was pleasantly surprised.


The burger was huge, and it wasn’t just an oversize bun. The bread wasn’t dry or scorched–Its crown yielded with a crunch under just the right pressure. Initial visual inspection showed that the plate wasn’t flooded with 46362728 French fries, unlike the common diner burgers we get at popular restaurants of the same style. The fried were wedges and were neither salty nor oily. There weren’t that many, but do you order burgers for the fries? In fact, I think that the less fries they serve, the better. Sometimes the fry flood seems to serve to disguise the burger’s lack of size.

The patty itself was far larger than most patties I’d eaten. It was definitely larger than the Jollibee champ’s 1/3 pounder. It was juicy and definitely made of real meat–no extenders. The cheese was great. Immediately I recognized its taste as similar to the cheese that Pancake House uses for its grilled cheese, which I think is one of the best (if most expensive) grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve had.

And that’s about it. Seriously, what else do you need in a burger apart from the bread, cheese and patty? They did have cucumber, tomato and onion slices on the side, but those aren’t the stars.

Okay, so it’s a good burger. There are a lot of good burgers in Manila. Beat this: it costs 90 pesos.

Bon appetit.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on June 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “1 of 3: One Good Reason to Go to Baguio”

  1. Woohoo! 50’s Diner FTW!

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