Emergency Homework Always Sucks

To batch 2013:

Here is your pile of homework. Print and study the handouts and answer all exercises. You are required to have your own copy next Monday. PLEASE MAKE SURE EVERYONE HEARS ABOUT THIS, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE EMAIL FOR SOME REASON.In this day and age, there is no reason you should not have one. The first link is in .docx format and will only work for Office 2007. The second link is in the old .doc format and will work for any version of Word.



The handout should be 10 pages long.  You have 5 days to obtain a hard copy of this (printed) and answer all the exercises. No excuses will be accepted.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on July 8, 2009.

14 Responses to “Emergency Homework Always Sucks”

  1. Sir, can we type in the answers and then just print it out?
    Thank you for the homework.

  2. Sir, do I have to print this one 1 page per sheet of paper or I could just do it back to back to save some paper?

  3. Sir, right now,… I really hate suspension,..

  4. Nicolas> Yeah, sure.

    Kit> Everything has consequences. XP

  5. Sir, you are right! Homework sucks! Xb Maybe not having this break would have been better… we got dumped by homework! (We’re like the Smokey Mountain of Homework) LoL

  6. Huh. There’s homework. Good thing I checked your blog, Sir Joey! 😛

  7. sir….. why do you hate us so..

  8. I don’t. 😛 I needed to speed up our lessons because we’re going to get utterly screwed if we slack off.

  9. wow..emergency homework does suck…:D we’ll back to work! By the way, do we have a reading assignment? if no..ok bye..gud luck to the rest of you guys..:D

  10. Sir, in the first exercise, are we going to encircle the complete or simple subject? Can we have two underlines in one number?

  11. sir, can’t open d first one!

  12. Sir, question about Exercise 1.2, number 4 doesn’t really make any sense. It says “Too many swords the blacksmith made _____”. Sir, is there a typographical error?

  13. sir, will you give us lots of homework again?

  14. Tanya> The first one is for Office 2007. The two links are the same, just different file types.

    Bianca> See my newest post.

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