Your Black Lion

I Am: J.R.R. Flores
Call Me: Aslan, the Black Lion, among others
Entered This World: The fourth day of the tenth month of the nineteenhundredth-and-eighty-third year of Our Lord.
Locks: as Pencil Lead
Soul-Windows: as Dark Chocolate
Calling: Defender of Grammar and Preacher of Comprehension in the English Language. A Causer-to-Learn.
The Way My Heart’s Blood Moves: Melancholic-Phlegmatic
The Way My Soul Journeys: The Way of Christ

What I Live: A life unlike the rest, a life that chooses to be different.
When I Live: Whenever I love.
How I Live: On wings of eternity.
Why I Live: Because Someone died that I might live.

Why a lion? The lion is a traditional symbol of strength and royalty, but I am neither strong nor of noble blood. But my Lord is the Lion of Judah, and I take this as homage to Him. I am nothing like Him, but He loves me and calls me nonetheless.

Why rampant?  The left-facing rampant lion is a symbol of magnanimity. This means:

1. generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness: to be magnanimous toward one’s enemies.
2. high-minded; noble: a just and magnanimous ruler.

It is not a reality, but an ideal I seek to make a reality in my life.

Why sable? The color sable (black) in heraldry represents the virtues of science, modesty and affliction. I know that in and of myself I am empty, it is only through my relationship with my Lord that I amount to anything. My life is not easy, for no one’s life is. It is through affliction that we learn, that we grow.

8 Responses to “Your Black Lion”

  1. Someone died for me too, that I might live.

  2. Nice one, sir 🙂
    [[“J.R.R. Flores”–>COOL O.O XD Why can’t my initials cooperate like that? XD]]

  3. Hi i am having some problems getting an account in

    i keep getting the error where u’re not allowed to use this feature or something.

    sorry i had to contact u thru your blog.

    email :

    Thanks alot in advance

  4. I Am: J.R.R. Flores. KEWL. XD

  5. Just like Bersilus I’m sorry I have to bother you for the same problem he has.
    My email is
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Black Lion,

    Hang in there! We grow on the bumps in the road, and our difficulities help us to discover God is there–in spite of our weaknesses. Thanks for your kind words — fellow pilgrim and servant of Aslan–Harold Sala

  7. Wow, I never expected to receive such a comment. Thanks so much, Dr. Sala! God bless. 😀

  8. Black Lion,

    Thank you for posting the “Reverse Creation” poem a while ago ( I don’t know the author of that one either, but I just wrote a new poem inspired by “Reverse Creation” (which I’d heard years ago). It was helpful to have the original text available on your site so I could see it again after all this time.

    My poem is here:

    In Christ,
    Jeff Moss
    Moscow, Idaho, USA

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