Category Legend

Here’s a little explanation of the bizarre category titles I use.

Anime Geekiness
I like Japanese animation, and often write about various series that I watch. Quite simple.
Arcane Geekiness
Entries related to the card game Magic:The Gathering.
Bits of Lit
Entries in which I just share a piece of literature, usually a poem or song.
Black Lion Book Review
Black Lion Rampage
An angry rant.
Captured Light
An entry that’s more photographs than text.
An entry that requires little to no brain activity. Usually short and low in importance.
Gamer Geekiness
Anything related to video games.
Mecha Geekiness
Mecha! Giant robots.
Sable Reflection
A philosophical or theological exercise about the nature of life, love, and related things.
Teacher to Students
A lecture to my students and anyone willing to listen to me. Sable Reflections are usually under this category as well.
An entry regarding a pleasant or otherwise enjoyable experience.

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